About Us

TEKNOTHERM LTD was established in 1987 with the main purpose to introduce the products which will enable energy conservation and increase both the productivity and quality of the products in the industry.

During the 27 years past the product range has increased extensively.

Today Teknotherm is still working very hard to lead the high temperature energy saving and refractory market without sacrifying from quality service .

One other branch where Teknotherm Metal is strong is the foundry industry.Teknotherm offers various high technology products in this field too .

Teknotherm has gained a lot of experience serving with pyrometers (non contact temperature measurement devices ) and thermal cameras to optimize the processes and to inspect quality and to help obtaining energy savings .

Due to the demand of their customers Teknotherm has included also coating thickness measurement devices also making a contract with a first class quality suplier like on the temperture measureent sectors.

Teknotherm is following  the inovations in the market and tries to become a  technology bridge between his supliers and his customers and aims to give best  service to his customers with his joung and energic team.

As a social duty Teknotherm is supporting the educational institutions and students as much as possible.