Automotive and Forging Industry

Forging method is being used in the production of so many spare parts used in sub-industry of automotive. Two different methods are used while heating the materials before forged. The former and valid method is to heat the material in the furnace to the temperature in which the material could be forged easily and the other method is to heat with induction. Induction method becomes a preferred method since it is energy and time-saving method which is also in comply with the automation. 

Teknotherm is the right address for insulation need of high-temperature furnaces that are used in heating the materials. Our company, which works with nearly all of the forging companies in Turkey, provide service to the Forging Industry with both insulation products and pyrometers. Teknotherm, which is the most important supplier of both former and newly-established companies, also in the business with all companies producing induction heating devices as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). DIAS pyrometers, refractory concrete, mica paper, Rigidboard and other insulation materials that are used in induction systems are all offered to our customers in the most economical and high-quality manner. 

Our company, which has an experience in terms of Thermal Camera systems for automotive industry, is the representative of DIAS, and FLIR companies in Turkey and is also the representative of American Defelsko company that is the manufacturer of thickness gages used in powder coating facilities. 
You could find every material in our products menu which your company demands.