Cement Industry

Skamolex Calcium Silicate Plates, Moller Bricks, Tek-Fiber Ceramic Fiber Blankets, Boards, Bulk Fibers, Tek Fiber Textile Products and Rockwool are used in cement production due to their high-performance in energy saving. Those high-quality products provide long operating life for cement production facilities. 

Besides; DIAS pyrometers are used in several places in the facilities for the safety and process control. It provides quality improvement in the final product with clinker heat measurement and it also ensures to keep and determine the deformation closely in the refractory material with the measurement of furnace jacketing temperature. 
DIAS Line cameras are used in heat monitoring of rotary furnaces and FLIR portable cameras are used for the predictive maintenance in Cement Industry.   
Our company also gives the rental service for thermal cameras besides the sales service. 

Teknotherm supplies a range of high quality temperature high temperature insulatino products in cement industry