Non-contact temperature measurement technology – made in Germany, made by DIAS


DIAS Infrared GmBh is the specialists German Company for non-contact temperature measurement. They support in finding a solution for measurement problem and have more than 20 years of experience in the field of non-contact temperature measurement.

The wide product range contains fixed and portable infrared cameras, infrared line cameras, digital pyrometers, blackbody calibration sources, infrared detectors and arrays, software and services.


Infrared cameras


Infrared cameras in protection housing for industrial applications 

DIAS Infrared camera series PYROVIEW for non-contact thermal imaging of temperatures from 
-20 °C to 3000 °C.




Pyrometer PYROSPOT made in Germany 

Pyrometers are termed radiation thermometers or infrared thermometers, too. PYROSPOT stands for a multiplicity of series of pyrometers for the non-contact, point-shaped temperature measurement in the range from –40 °C to 3000 °C. Our pyrometer series differ with respect to their temperature ranges, interfaces, housings and the therefor related purpose. Manifold accessories allows individual adjustment to the applikation and the integration in system solutions.


Infrared line cameras


Infrared line cameras for industrial applicationsInfrared line cameras for industrial applications


PYROLINE stands for high-quality and long-lasting fixed infrared line cameras for non-contact temperature measurement of temperature profiles in industry and research. We offer you different temperature ranges and spectral ranges for the optimal solution of your measurement problem.


Infrared detectors


PYROSENS infrared detectors and arrays


The wide range of available sensor designs enables us to provide customised solutions for small and large quantities.

Calibration sources / Black bodies

Calibration Source PYROTHERM


For the calibration and checking of radiation thermometers and infrared cameras, DIAS Infrared produces blackbody calibration sources.


Infrared system solutions

Application of infrared measurement technology


Dias realize complete customized system solutions based on infrared cameras PYROVIEW, infrared line camera PYROLINE and pyrometers PYROSPOT.