Glass Industry

Teknotherm supports the ever-developing glass industry in our country not only with high-strength insulation products and heating systems but also with thermal cameras and pyrometers.

Glass Melting Production: For that production process which is made by high-temperature furnaces; heat-resistant insulation and refractory materials are imported and offered to the use of companies with technical support on demand. Our company also provides sales and technical service(after-sales service) of high-tech thermal camera and pyrometers that are used in this application for all industrial companies with its expert engineering staff. 

Tempered Glass Production: The number of glass tempering furnaces increases day by day in our country recently. Companies usually face with several problems in supplying spare parts of those furnaces from foreign markets. All revisions of those systems of which heating system is electrical resistance are made by our company. Since we are the distributor of Kanthal branded resistance wire producer in Turkey, we could easily made progress in this issue. Moreover, all materials and spare parts of those furnaces about the insulation could be supplied by our company. 

Our products that are presented to the use of glass industry: 
Insulating materials

Ceramic fiber based insulating materials

Microporous based insulating materials 
Bricks: (1400C-1600C materials are used in the insulation of liquid glass tanks) 
Fused Silica Roller
Textile Products
Kanthal Resistance Wire and Heating Systems
Flir Thermal Camera Systems
Dias Pyrometers

Fire light bricks