Iron Steel Industry

Teknotherm provides  high-quality and problem-solving products to the iron and steel production facilities which work under hard and severe conditions. 
In coke oven plants: ceramic fiber textile products are used for insulation of coke cabin doors, Tek-Fiber Blanket are offered to be used in hot repairing and Tek-Fiber Board could be used as back-up insulation.
DIAS pyrometers offers solution in measuring cabin temperatures.  
Blast Furnace: Tek-Fiber Blanket, Tek-Fiber Rigidiser and Tek-Fiber Coating Cement  are used in the insulation of doors that are used in the insulation of metal and clinker risers, Microporous insulating plates and Vip 12 insulating plates are used in the back-up insulation of Torpedo ladles and Tek-Fiber Blanket products are used in the insulation of doors.
Steel Plant: Textile products at the outlet of casting machines and in cable and hose insulation, Vip12 and WDS Superflex microporous plates and Tek Fiber Board  in back of bricks insulation in melting pots and pot furnaces offers optimum heat insulation. Tek-Fiber Blanket and Tek Fiber Modul are used in pot heating insulation. 
In Annealing Furnaces of Rolling Plant: Tek-Fiber Blanket, Tek-Fiber Board, Tek-Ifb make the insulation of furnaces with insulating light bricks perfectly. 
In Iron and Steel Plants, DIAS Pyrometers offer Professional solutions for the measurement of the temperature of both liquid and solidified steel. 
Moreover; DIAS pyrometers and Thermal Camera Systems, FLIR portable cameras for predictive maintenance are being used in several places in the facility in order to ensure the safety and process control.                              
Our company also gives the rental service for thermal cameras besides the sales service.